INNOVATION: At the core of every Sharp solution

In a world when technology is advancing rapidly, business owners have to ride on the wave of information technology (IT) to access and deliver value-added services and productivity.

Sharp continues to pioneer and develop innovative products, solutions and services to provide a one stop IT solution platforms to meet every customer’s business needs.


IT Support

IT Support: Operational Support
IT Support: Risk Management
IT Support: Disaster Recovery
IT Support: Technology Management
IT Support: Project Management & Collaboration

It does not matter which industry you’re in, whether the scale of your company is big or small. As your designated IT service provider, we can deliver to you a holistic IT experience with our vast and sturdy capabilities. We provide comprehensive IT support so you can focus on growing your business.


IT Infrastructure

IT Infracstructure: CCTV
IT Infrastructure: Door Access
IT Infrastructure: IP Phone System
IT Infrastructure: Server
IT Infrastructure: Video Conference

Sourcing for multiple vendors for office infrastructure can be a mind-boggling for business owners. Sharp provides a range of products and systems such as CCTV, Door Access, IP Phone System, Servers, and Video Conference System, which caters to the office needs.

Business owners will be able to access and monitor through mobile devices, allowing them to have constant surveillance in their workspace and feel safe and secure.


Here are 3 reasons why you should choose us

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose us: One-Stop IT Solution
One-Stop IT Solution

Let Sharp take care of all your IT needs, be it on IT services like operational support, disaster recovery, project management, to IT infrastructure like CCTV, server, video conference and everything else related to IT. We focus on your IT so you can focus on your business.

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose us: Committed to Deliver Quality
Committed to Deliver Quality

Sharp listen, design, evaluate and justify IT solutions from a comprehensive understanding of the business benefit for your business. With Sharp, you can have the maximum ROI with the right investment.

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose us: Excellent Customer Service Support
Excellent Customer Service Support

Sharp’s highly-experienced IT specialists are always ready to help you to resolve whenever an emergency pop out to your IT, in the quickest time with minimum downtime. Leave the pain to us, we will take care of your IT.

Make the right business investment. Let’s get started